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Direct Deposit

The safest, easiest way to get Social Security or SSI.

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iGOBanking Great Rates
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The smartest online banking rates around!

Great online banking rates are one of the big advantages of an iGObanking® account. And your earnings are compounded daily, so you're always earning no matter how much you have in your account. (Note: Business accounts are not offered by iGObanking.com)
  Term Interest Rate% APY*% Minimum Deposit Required
iGOsavingsn/a1.881.90No Minimum Balance Required
  Term Interest Rate% APY*% Minimum Deposit Required
iGOcds**3 Month CD0.150.15$1000
6 Month CD2.082.10$1000
8 Month CD0.150.15$1000
9 month CD0.150.15$1000
12 Month CD0.150.15$1000
13 month CD0.150.15$1000
15 month CD0.150.15$1000
18 month CD0.150.15$1000
24 month CD0.150.15$1000
29 Month CD0.350.35$1000
36 month CD0.350.35$1000
48 month CD0.350.35$1000
60 month CD0.350.35$1000
7 Year CD0.350.35$1000
10 Year CD0.350.35$1000

To start earning higher online banking interest rates today, simply click below:

IRA Rates

Our iGOira accounts also feature exceptional online banking rates. Help secure your retirement; open a Traditional or Roth IRA at iGObanking.com® and start saving for tomorrow.
  Term Interest Rate% APY*% Minimum Deposit Required
iGOiras**6 Month CD0.150.15$1000
8 Month CD0.150.15$1000
9 Month CD0.150.15$1000
12 Month CD0.150.15$1000
13 Month CD0.150.15$1000
15 Month CD0.150.15$1000
18 Month CD0.150.15$1000
24 Month CD0.150.15$1000
29 Month CD0.350.35$1000
36 Month CD0.350.35$1000
48 Month CD0.350.35$1000
60 Month CD0.350.35$1000

IRAs are subject to qualifications and restrictions; should you require additional information, please use our contact us form or contact an iGO customer service representative for more details. If you have any questions concerning tax implications, consult with your tax advisor.

Take advantage of our high online banking rates and open an iGOira account today!

To open your Traditional IRA by mail complete the application form.

To open your Roth IRA by mail complete the application form.

*Annual Percentage Yield. APYs are effective as of 8/6/19. Rates may change on iGOsavings®, iGOmoneymarket and iGOchecking accounts at any time and without notice. iGOmoneymarkets require a minimum balance of $25,000 to open and earn interest. The rates on existing accounts may be lower, and existing account holders may obtain their current rate by logging into their online banking account. **Minimum balance required is $1000. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal on CDs. Penalty may reduce principal. If your CD renews automatically at maturity, the interest rate will be the prevailing renewal rate in effect at maturity. ***New accounts and new money only.

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